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10 Top Sites Like ZenWriter | Best ZenWriter Alternatives

In this article, we will talk about the alternatives of Zenwriter. So read this article till the end to get full knowledge and information about this.

ZenWriter is a text editor which is used for windows. It helps the user or writer to cut off their distractions and let them focus on what they want to write.

It helps the writer to concentrate on their thought process and this application is under the Productivity and office category.

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More Sites Like ZenWriter

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It is writing software that assists you to focus on your writing and nothing else. 

It is built and designed in such a manner that the writer can write essays, stories, and many more without getting distracted by material things.

Some Benefits of ZenWriter

It is a very lightweight service that a user can carry out in a flash drive without any hindrance; It has a feature of auto saving that protects the user data. 

The user can customize this according to their preferences and by their choice like the size, background, font, music, the sound of keypress and dark or light mode, and many more; along with it has a direct print feature inbuilt in it.

Some Disadvantages of ZenWriter

The spelling checker feature and word count feature of this ZenWriter is not too good as it is wacky; Major drawback of this service is it does not work on MAC devices.

Many users have issues related to the editing process of this software as it is very poor so don’t even try their editing tool it is waste of time.

It is not free the user has to pay for this service and it does not have the scroll bar feature in it. Due to the limitations and drawbacks of this ZenWriter, many users are in find of alternatives to this software.

Don’t worry there are so many alternatives of ZenWriter that a user must try and then choose their suitable one. 

ZenWriter Alternatives | Sites Like ZenWriter

Searching for its alternatives is not a difficult task. We have listed the alternatives of ZenWriter below. Read them properly till the end and then try your desired one.

1. IA Writer


IA Writer is an easy to use and simple writing tool for the users and also a good alternative screenwriter. 

This tool is used by more approx 1 million people from all over the world. The interface in this software is pretty cool and it is made with the purpose to remove unnecessary distractions from the user.

You can do your work easily and comfortably on it. The IA Writer software is recently available for Android, Windows, MAC, and IOS with a completely free trial feature.

Some Amazing Features of iAWriter

1] This is an easy and handy application to use.

2] The interface of this app is pretty cool.

3] It provides Security of data.

4] It helps the user to focus on your work with full control.

5] Full ownership and control in the hands of the users. 

6] No third-party involvement.

7] Satisfactory shortcuts and clarifies settings so that the user does not face any problem.

2. Joplin

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Joplin is one of the best and famous alternatives for ZenWriter. It is a free and also open-source note-making and writing software. This application can handle a large number of notes on its server.

The notes save on their app can be shareable, modified, and copied directly to other sources. Your notes can be synchronized to the different cloud services like Dropbox, WebDAV, Nextcloud, and many more.

The notes are coordinated in a plain text format so that they can be easily found and back up whenever needed. The Joplin software is available for the Android, Windows, IOS, MAC, and LIN

3. Nuclino


Visit URL:-

This alternative tool is cloud-based software that lets the users collaborate and share their notes and imp. things on a real-time basis. The Nuclino software was founded in 2015 in Germany. It is also a good alternative for ZenWriter.

Some of its outstanding features comprise a real-time editor and also a visual representation in the graph design. In addition to this, the nuclino is a digital and a PC application. But in the year 2018, the company launches a free application for IOS and Android users.

4. Focuswriter

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It a basic and complete interruption-free writing tool with a great writing environment.

Focuswriter uses a cover-up interface in this application the user can locate this by rolling the mouse towards the edges of the screen.

This will give a fresh and natural look to your work. This software is available for windows and Linux only and, it can be translated into various languages.

Some Amazing Features of Focus Writer

  • It has alarms and timer features in it.
  • Completely customizable themes in it.
  • It also has a good typing sound.
  • Multi documents support feature in it.
  • Light and Dark mode availability.
  • Focus Writer can be translated into more than 20 languages.
  • It shows live stats of your work.
  • Also have a spell checker feature.
  • Does not have any time limitation.
  • Diff. file support like TXT, ODT, and RTF.

5. Typora

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It is also one of the best alternatives of ZenWriter. It will give the user a good experience for both writer and the reader. The Typora helps you to remove all the disturbances like it shut the preview window, syntax symbols, mode changer, and many more.

Besides this, it provides a real preview feature to the user so that they write freely and without any distractions.

Some Great Features of Typora Writer

  • It has a great live preview feature in it.
  • It is a complete distraction-free software that every writer wants.


The ZenWriter tool is a bar of gold it really helps the users to get focused on their work and inspires them too. But every good thing has some limitations in it, same in this case.

You don’t have to worry about the alternatives of ZenWriter which we have provided are best and even good like ZenWriter. So try the applications which we have listed above and share your valuable feedback related to those apps in the comments section below.

If you have any doubts about any of these, then let us know down below.

And ya, if you know any other best alternatives of Zenwriter which can be helpful for our users then do tell us in the comments section below.

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