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Animation series on TV is something we all are grown up watching. And sometimes all of us feel so nostalgic about the series that we even want to watch it online. But where? Welcome back to Bestsiteslike website, greetings guys. Today, we are here to make you meet the younger you. This article is discuss everything about alternative, al. Let’s get it started now:

Why has Gone? | is Down

Talking about Steven universe, it is an animated cartoon series that started in 2013. Featuring the story of a young boy, who manages to fight with monsters to protect the universe from evils. Super cute characters and a beautiful storyline complement each other.

It’s not for your children or siblings, but for you too. The heart never grows old. Sounds amazing? More fascinating it is. 

Secondly, the website is shut down. Let’s get on the causes straightforward:

  • Produced under Cartoon Network Productions, the Steven Universe xyz never had legitimate rights to the series.
  • The copyright owners might have abandoned the website by taking any legal action against them.
  • Torrenting charges are heard against Blue and Pink pearl. 
  • Rumors are ranging that Blue pearl might be jailed. Here, blue and pink pearl are nicknames of operators of the website.
  • Their discord was deleted after some time. Some users are blaming Time Warner cable behind the ban meanwhile. 

Alternatives To

 So below given is a list of 10 working alternatives to watch Steven Universe for free. Also, not just Steven universe, you’ll get unlimited access to much more exciting animation series to stream efficiently. Best websites like Steven universe Xyz are listed below.

1. KissCartoon


  • It has a great variety of TV animations for you to watch online, and astonishingly for free
  • The website interface is also designed for the convenience of users. The search tab will be helpful for you
  • With the super convenient filter option, you can easily filter animations with their genres, release year, series, etc
  • Although you should arrive with an ad-blocker to avoid irritation from unwanted ads.
  • This is the top-ranked here because of the variance of genres.
  • Here you can find new to old cartoons, without any signup process. Hence, it is an alternative even better than


  • If you’re moving from to Hulu123, you’ll possibly settle here as both the interfaces are similar to an extent. 
  • The animations here are upgraded daily, which includes some new ones and updating the past ones. 
  • But, this second option is accessible to you only if you’re in the United States. 
  • Although you can even use it with a VPN. You can try it for one month for free. So, it’s like

3. Netflix 


  • Enter your card details and get a free trial of Netflix for up to a month. 
  • Most of you should be using Netflix already exclaiming animations even stream there
  • Netflix is a single platform to watch videos online from cartoons to series, TV shows to movies
  • It’s convenient to search there and get your favorite cartoon. Adding up, unbeatable video quality is such a pleasure. You can go for it after is gone. 

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

  • The list consists of platforms not to pay directly but to just avail for a free trial which you can buy only if you liked it. 
  • It’s a popular streaming network as produced under the tag of Amazon.
  • It’s a single place for all your entertainment needs, from films to series and cartoons to videos. 
  • Along with categorization, the consistency of Amazon to provide quality content with a simple interface is regulatory. In this way, it proves to be among the top alternatives.

5. Stremio 

Steven universe

  • Your favorite cartoon is just a click away. Stremio has promising surfing with subtitles function.
  • This website itself tells that it’s grounded directly on Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon videos
  • To stream on this website, it supports processors from Android to Linux
  • It focuses on the compatibility of Android and Windows users so that they can make the whole of it. So, it’s somewhere like you can rely upon.

6. KimCartoon

Steven universe

  • It features a wide variety of cartoons to watch including Steven Universe and similar animations.
  • The sharing and gadget experience is a ton better than the other suggested above.
  • It has a feature to stream one video and removes other videos.
  • All these to give you a better experience in High-Definition quality. Promising that it’s an option to think about.

7. FMovies


  • If you don’t like disturbance and high-quality videos, then this is for you.
  • Here along with cartoons, you can make your day with films of good quality
  • It features a vast genre of movies. 
  • You don’t need to register and you will see ads not often. Becoming a good pick here.

8. Solar Movies

Solar Movies

  • It’s having significant features to stream online for free.
  • It is one of the premium websites available requiring, not even a login method. 
  • The search tab is also good and quick working.
  • A Short analysis of the movie you picked is the best feature here. And so it proved its significance here.

9. Putlocker


  • The ninth pick here promises good quality video with no registration. 
  • From movie streaming to browsing and just watching the list, it does all the job. 
  • It’s updated with a wide range of genres on your gadget.
  • Its Chinese Film collection is something you can think of watching. An option for you to consider after is gone.

10. Primewire


  • Last but not least, it has a wholesome quality of content.
  • Compared to these listed above, it’s old and non-polished. But in fact, the users appreciate so about it. 
  • Its playlist function will help you make your own and share with your squad.
  • It has a sufficient quantity of genres while not lacking any quality. It’s also one of the reliable you can pick.


So, isn’t it good enough to watch free cartoons online? Let us know in the comment section if you liked our blog or which one of these do you use for streaming online. Now you can easily watch the Steven Universe new episodes for free from all these alternatives.

Personally, I’ll be going for our top pick. Thanks for reading it as you found it meaningful. Wish to see you soon, in the next blog. Till then stay tuned and stay safe. 

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