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Top 10 Websites Like Hulu123 | Hulu123 Alternatives

So techies, welcome to Bestsitelike Website. Greetings from us. Today, we are bringing something of your great interest, especially the young you. Yes, Top 10 Websites Like Hulu123 is the topic to be covered in this article. It is going to meet points like about hulu123, why was down, and lastly hulu123 alternatives

Phones nowadays are smart multi-taskers. As they are everything to you, from a fitness guide to a portable TV. Laying upon bed comforting in a blanket, watching a favorite TV show or series sounds like a perfect weekend plan. So get this list of all new Hulu123 alternatives and make your weekend fruitful with the amazing and free contents from these sites.

About Hulu123


  • Hulu123 is a website that allows users to stream films and TV shows online for free
  • You can even visit the page and stream videos online just by a simple signup process.
  • They don’t charge anything separately from the customer rather than collecting revenue from Ads. 
  • Although providing great content accessible on a global scale, it lags in copyright. 
  • Hulu123 just doesn’t provide any credits to sources from where it collects the content which is an offensive thing.

Why was down? 

As you might have understood from the topic above, the website is just stealing data from other websites and uploading it without giving any kind of royalty, copyright, or even credits to the host of the content.

A List of Top 10 Hulu123 Alternatives

So, these options are proved a way better than Hulu, which does not anyhow steal or copy data from another source. And so does not risk your legal identity in any way.

Let’s just move to this list where you will be provided with working links of the website so that you can easily redirect to it, with some image proofs to you.

Yes, these are free of cost streaming websites for movies, TV shows, and web series as well.

Let’s begin it now:

1. The Roku Channel

sites Like Hulu123

  • With a lengthy list of TV shows and genres, it became our first pick. From action or comedy to classics or horror, it is a one-stop solution.
  • The video quality is also notably awesome on this website, mostly HD
  • While this is available in the United Kingdom and United Nations, for now, you can enjoy it worldwide by VPN
  • The thing you should count on The Roku Channel is that it doesn’t need any signup as well as it is not only for Roku devices but also accessible through the web.
  • Here, you can even stream a big-budget film not older than a few years which makes streaming online a great task.


2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle
  • From anime to Sci-Fi, it becomes an appropriate platform if your taste is to watch original programming.
  • While just the USA and Australia can enjoy this for free, you can even access it by using a VPN. 
  • Sony promises high-quality streaming with advertisements before and after playback, which won’t annoy you much. 
  • The platforms supporting Crackle to run are Android, Xbox, Roku, FireTV, PlayStation, and iOS
  • Having a simple and productive User Interface, it is home to newer and older films you can easily find in Crackle Exclusive.
  • You will even find some newly released films or shows here while staying quick as the content availability is for a limited time.


3. YouTube


  • Surprised? Obviously, YouTube is the one available worldwide while having different versions based on locations. 
  • You don’t need to look back in case of stream quality and genres, which are innumerable. About quality, you can customize it as per your need. 
  • If it’s about supported platforms, then you don’t need to think about it. Ads won’t possibly bother as they’ll only play before and during playbacks. 
  • The platform isn’t just about movies and shows, but trailers and movie reviews are also about there. 
  • From this platform, you cannot expect something like full movies. But unique and good content is also prevalent there.


4. Popcorn Flix

sites Like Hulu123

  • If you’re all about thriller, western, and drama, then it’s adequate for you
  • While you will get satisfied with the advertisement as they’re played just during playbacks only. 
  • Although it’s restricted to some limited locations only, you can enjoy it anywhere by using VPN
  • Older films and classics will be more meaningful with a combination of easy and effective User Interface.
  • If you’re here just to get back to the retro world of the 1930s to 2000s, then this is the best option for you. TV shows are also available on this platform in a good variety. 


5. Movies Found Online

sites Like Hulu123
  • Action, comedy, crime, adventure, cult, romance, Sci-Fi, thriller, and family movies are found on this platform.
  • A better thing here is it’s accessible over the web globally, from any browser and device.
  • This app is the most legitimate one here, as you’ll get a link to a movie posted on YouTube which is completely free of cost and legal.
  • Your favorite movies, shows, and categories can be searched by the useful search bar.
  • Ratings and reviewing are the best things here, it make user experience improvements and the website unique


6. Movies Joy

Movies Joy

  • You’ll be astonished to hear that it has no advertisements with zero popups that attract users. 
  • You’ll have a vast library with a variety of movies and shows for free.
  • This website even features newly released shows and films, which make it a good choice for youngsters.
  • The search tab here is also helpful to navigate to what you’re looking for.


7. Yes Movies

Yes Movies
  • It is the most well-organized website to watch series and movies.
  • It works on multiple servers to provide you a seamless streaming experience.
  • The best thing is no advertisements with good video quality.
  • You can even use servers to stream safely.
  • IMDb movies list on the top of the menu will keep you updated about the industry.


8. Internet Archive |

Internet Archive

  • It has a wide collection of media from 1900 to 2010. Silent movies and feature files are also available.
  • Having a wide range of genres of movies and shows, it somewhere lags behind in the video quality.
  • This website has no Ads and accessible worldwide
  • It runs just on the Web on Android as well as iOS.
  • Rather than just movies and shows, you can even watch interesting videos.
  • The section tab turns helpful to you which can easily give you different category options
  • Not just videos, but helpful Content as eBooks, images, software, and files are available too


9. PlutoTV |

  • It just features commercials in playback, the quality remains high.
  • Western sports, romance, animations, family, horror, drama, comedy, action, and Sci-Fi genres are included.
  • While this website is limited to the USA, you can go for any VPN service to enjoy this. 
  • It will remind you of something traditional, which will make you watch something on the air. 



  • The media from 1960 to 2000s are available here.
  • With advertisements during the playbacks, it has great video quality.
  • It offers plenty of different Genres, offering Bad Roomies and the Borders.
  • Last and not least, you can easily store content in the library and even share that. 


Resons Behind Hulu123 Down

But there are some more reasons behind Hulu123 getting down again and again. Let’s get to the points below to know about that:

  • This website runs on advertisement revenue while doesn’t willing to share anything with the original sources from which they copied the whole content.
  • Due to these copyright issues, Hulu123 is taken down several times. But it gets unblocked by a smart step of changing the domain name.
  • Not giving royalty to the real source of the content is undoubtedly an offense, for which Hulu123 is even dragged to the court.
  • Changing the domain name is okay for Hulu123 and changing the website must be okay to you. 
  • You are strongly recommended to opt-out for some other and better options as if you are surfing on Hulu, it’s not safe and can even cause harm to you in a legal way. 
  • In this topic, some best websites like Hulu123 are given which you can use.

Our Verdict:

Go for something which best fits you, in this list hope you find that. As everyone’s taste isn’t the same. Go for something accessible to you. Enjoy streaming for free.

Comment down the website which worked for you, and your queries too. Thanks for reading. Hope it’s worth it and meaningful. See you soon in the next blog by us. Till then, stay tuned, stay safe and stay streaming.

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